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The aluminum foil material is formed into a container through our mold, which can be made into various shapes and sizes for maintenance.

The SILVERENGINEER team has certain advantages in mold design and R & D.
Through management reform and innovation, the bottleneck of small mold manufacturing enterprises has been eliminated.
This way we can better control the quality requirements and shorten the delivery time.
The mold steel used for the mold: Cr2MoV, Cr12, DC53, SKD11, etc., the hardness is 61HRC.
Aluminum foil alloy: 8011, 8006, 3003, 3005, etc .;
Aluminum foil thickness range: 0.03mm-0.350mm;
Aluminum foil type: ordinary aluminum foil, lubricating foil, PP / PE coated foil, composite foil;

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